In the beginning…..

We had a tent.  It was a really nice tent, and we liked it and we were happy. We built a nice table.  And a chair.  And we saw it was good. Then we got a second tent.  And a cargo trailer.  Then we built two storage chests.  And a bigger, nicer table.  And more chairs.  And [...]


Rib Fest! Bent rib installation

This past weekend we finished the beam install in the second half of the trailer, and also got the first half of the bent ribs installed. The bending was no issue thanks to having pre-bent them using steam.     They are a bit twisty here and there so sometimes need a bit of persuading [...]

The middle bit – slats

Now that we have the second J-beam to add, we needed to create slats for the mid-roof section. Why is the mid-roof section made of slats? Because. What are slats? These: Approximately 1 3/4" wide re-sawn into 1/2" thick "slats" with a bead detail routed into every-other one. 55 of them. yay. What do they [...]